New Project Assistance

One small oversight or invalid assumption during the planning or execution of a hospitality project could cost you a huge amount of money and cause you unnecessary anguish. If you’re not sure how to start a restaurant we can assist you to get it right by effectively planning or assisting you to manage your new project — from the beginning to opening and beyond.

During the initial phase of your project, we are skilled at evaluating blueprints and plans, and communicating with architects, builders and decorators. Our thorough knowledge of hospitality operations can help you avoid traps like troublesome locations, over-capitalising or constructing unworkable surroundings.

We can also advise you on appropriate pre-opening marketing activities and oversee the establishment of your initial customer base. In short, we can provide a complete service that saves you time, money and frustration.

Our vast experience with the human side of hospitality means we can also design a workable, efficient management structure for your new project, then create the various job descriptions you need and follow through by recruiting and training your management and supervisory staff — all in one seamless process. We recognise that your new business will only be as strong as the people we gather to run it for you.

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