Wah Wah Gee + Wah Bah - Geelong, Victoria

Geelong’s favourite Asian waterfront dining spot, Wah Wah Gee is the place to go with your friends any day or night of the week. You will experience a journey of sharing plates ranging from spicy steamed buns to Asian curries.

Wah Bah is the cheeky, loud and boisterous younger sibling of  Wah Wah Gee.

Summary of our services:

  • management reporting structure & job descriptions
  • management and supervisory training
  • recruitment system
  • performance appraisal system
  • induction & staff skills training system
  • staff development & succession planning system
  • wage control system
  • food cost control system
  • regular site visits, mentoring & coaching
  • management systems auditing
  • senior recruitment final interviewing
  • strategic advice