San Telmo

Melbourne’s first parrilla brings Argentinean cooking over hot coals to Melbourne

The name San Telmo, originates from the oldest neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, full of traditional Parrilla restaurants, bars and beautiful Colonial buildings creating an enchanting backdrop for the eclectic bohemian art and weekend street market. Our logo was designed in B.A. by the top fileteado artist drawing inspiration on the vibrant and lively tango culture, which remains a huge influence throughout the city.

San Telmo

The restaurant’s interior is a meeting of old world Argentine Bodega, coupled with the flow and open-plan style of Melbourne dining where the kitchen is an intimate part of the atmosphere. Appointed with imported cow hides, 300 year old antique doors and historic 1930’s coloured glass soda bottles from the suburb of San Telmo, you’ll find inside intimately linked with the Buenos Aires of old.Continuing our endeavor to capture the essence of Argentine culture and cuisine, we have imported a bespoke 2.5 metre parrilla charcoal grill, hand made by Pirincho, a lifelong master of the craft. As one of the most highly regarded parilla craftsman in the world, Pirincho’s previous customers  include the likes of former Argentine presidents, the Ferrari workshop in Modena, and the VIP restaurant in the Barcelona FC Stadium.

San Telmo’s wine list has also been sourced from our favourite bodegas, sampled during our time in Argentina. It displays our love of the Argentinian’s unrivalled use of the otherwise forgotten Malbec grape, as well as their ability to produce great examples of many different varietals.

Summary of Services to San Telmo: