The Stokehouse

Melbourne bayside dining at it’s best!

Burnt down but rising from the ashes!

The Stokehouse is one of the jewels in the crown of Melbourne’s hospitality industry. Situated on the busy St Kilda beach, it is one of Australia’s highest volume single location restaurants and one of the country’s most successful hospitality businesses.

Stockhouse, St Kilda

Downstairs, the Stokehouse has a bistro/cafe that produces up to 600 meals a day, while upstairs is a fine dining restaurant that maintains an enviable standard while producing up to 400 meals per day. The business employs 35 full time staff and 75 part time and casual staff, and is seasonal in nature.

In 1990 the then owners of the Stokehouse, John & Frank Van Haandel, enlisted the help of Eldred Hospitality to restructure the management of the business and free them to devote time to other activities. Eldred Hospitality identified and specially trained an internal staff member to take the place of the owners and commenced a program of strict recruitment, thorough training and regular performance appraisal for all other supervisory and management personnel. Eighteen months later, the Van Haandels were able to withdraw from the business and today only spend small periods of time on the premises overseeing their manager.

Over the years since 1990, Eldred Hospitality has continually provided management and supervisory training and other key staff development for the Stokehouse.

In 2010, following an ownership restructure, Eldred Hospitality was engaged by Frank VanHaandel to review and upgrade the management systems and training within the business in parallel with a complete renovation of the building.

The Stokehouse was burnt down in a spectacular fire in January 2014, and is currently trading in a luxurious ‘pop-up’ in it’s old location. A new restaurant is scheduled to be re-built in the near future with a completion around March 2015.

Summary of services to the Stokehouse: