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Alex Brawn

Business Owner
Sebastian Beach Grill & Bar - Williamstown, Victoria

I have used Eldred Hospitality for training and for management consulting and I can honestly say that my business wouldn’t be the same without them.

The training courses are always an eye opener – amazing insights, lots of great little tricks to embed in your business and culture. Even if you don’t run a hospitality business the training sessions will be an amazing benefit for you.

Sending staff for training is somewhat helpful for your staff and business, however inevitably previous habits return and any ROI is quickly lost – the difference with Eldred is they offer a service to train your staff and then come into your business and observe your staff performing their newly learnt skills, until they have mastered these skills. They will literally sit next to your key staff while they are doing interviews, performance appraisals and training sessions, and provide feedback on how your staff can improve – AND they will keep doing this until the staff member has mastered the skills. Amazing!

For any business owner this is an absolute godsend as it gives you the confidence that your staff are operating as per industry best practices, you are extracting every possible dollar of ROI out the Eldred training sessions and most importantly of all…. you don’t have to do it all yourself – say goodbye to 80 hour weeks all the business owners out there!

As you can tell from this review I couldn’t recommend Tony, Chris, Ben, Nick, Braydon and Robyn enough. You will not regret it.


Rahmie Clowes

Business Owner
Rice Paper Scissors - Fitzroy, Victoria

After opening three busy restaurants in three years, we have found it challenging to get consistent results across multiple venues and areas of our business at the same time. Especially when you are drawn into the day to day operations, you end up working in the business instead of working on the business.

We have been attending Eldred training courses for over a year and from day one we noticed a marked improvement in ourselves and in our management team, in their ability to meet objectives by implementing the course material. The most valuable skills gained have been clear communication, consistency, valuing education and, the be all and end all of business – making profit.

Profit is an essential factor in sustaining a business, communication and training are important tools to get you where you need to go. Eldred was not the first company we engaged for training but are definitely the most effective. The content they deliver makes sense for hospitality businesses. They walk their own talk and they value the material in the same way they expect you to. All of their trainers consistently deliver the same message but have different ways of communicating it so you get the benefit of looking from different perspectives, across all areas of the business.

Every time our staff return from an Eldred course we notice they are engaged and motivated to put what they have learnt to use. They have increased job satisfaction and more importantly pride, after seeing that using the techniques helps them to get the results they want.

Implementing change always has its challenges and sustaining change is even harder. We look forward to continuing to work with Eldred as the benefits we’ve received have been well worth the investment thus far and we believe continuing to work with them will take our business to the next level. The question isn’t can you afford to do the training? The question is, can you afford not to?

–  Rahmie Clowes, Rice Paper Scissors – Owner.

Gillian Costa

The Pier Geelong (formerly EMC Group Geelong)

Most days in business you have to make decisions, financial and strategic decisions, such as investing in team development and management systems.  

I still recall the day we met with the Eldred Hospitality Team and had to make the decision to take the leap of faith and commit hard earnt cash in return for the guidance and support of implementing and managing a sensible, outcome focused system, designed to look after all stakeholders, owners, staff, customers and suppliers.

This has been a significant investment over the last five years but due to the return, a most positive one.

The measure of success for us was to see the directors free to work on the business, not in it, our staff continually developing themselves and our business, to operate at a high and consistent level and to be an employer of choice.

Once I got over the affront that possibly I couldn’t do it all, we committed to the system and have enjoyed a positive working partnership since.

The process is at times challenging and must be embraced and executed with integrity by all levels of responsibility to achieve the desired outcomes, but the support is genuine and readily at hand.

The structure is clear, logical and effective. Tony and his team have obviously drawn on their many years of experience to design a program that delivers.  For me it has delivered great balance and peace of mind, for staff it has delivered clear direction and unlimited possibilities, for our customers it has delivered a professional and consistent interaction and even our suppliers have benefited, with a very clear and stable relationship.

We may have got there ourselves, eventually, but I’m most certain that would have been at the expense of my lifestyle, sanity and most certainly profitability.

As stated, the courses and mentoring can be challenging but the guidance and direct feedback for improving our communication and focus is invaluable.  The Eldred method is calm and logical teaching that truly connects and inspires those wanting to improve, and it exposes those who don’t.  This has been an investment decision we continue to make and are pleased with.


Gillian Costa, Director, The Pier Geelong

Frank Van Haandel

Frank van Haandel

Business Owner
Van Haandel Group

Van Haandel Group, comprising of Stokehouse St Kilda, Stokehouse Q (Brisbane) and Pontoon, St Kilda Beach as well as Fatto Bar and Cantina, has been working with Tony Eldred and Eldred Hospitality since 1990.  Tony and his team have assisted us with many of the structures and procedures that have made Van Haandel Group the successful hospitality business that it is today.

We insist all our key staff attend a number of the Eldred courses upon commencement with us.  These courses present the very foundation of the way we structure our businesses, whether it be the ‘Hospitality Supervisor’ course as a great introduction to a number of our core values, or the more specific and detailed ‘Food cost control’ for chefs, that really assist in managing food cost controls necessary for the success of any food-based hospitality business.

We continue to proudly use Eldred Training across all our venues. Their practical approach to staff training, real and working knowledge of the industry, and assistance with strategic planning have assisted our restaurant group enormously since we first started using Eldred in 1990.

I’m proud to say that whilst Tony and I have a professional relationship, he is also my go-to person when I need business advice or am looking for a senior staff member, we have also become great personal friends.

Frank van Haandel

Mark Wilson

Business Owner
Osteria - Casuarina, New South Wales

Since starting training and support with Eldred just over 18 months ago, our organisation has been through monumental change.

I remember the first course (supervisor) sitting in the room with light bulb moment, after light bulb moment going off in my head. As an owner of multiple venues I was taken aback with the system and immediately saw how my hard work had been ineffective due to a lack of understanding in good management systems.

I have now been through 5 courses and sent more than 45 attendees through the Eldred system. Our sales, recruitment, retention and leadership have all strengthened as a result. Our profit margins are better, our control systems keep wages and food costs down whilst ensuring quality of service and product. We are also better equipped to grow our business and succeed.

Most impressive though is that we have great managers in place and future leaders being developed which means that there is a work life balance which never existed in the past.

Mark Wilson.

Director, Osteria

Tarren Colwell - At the Heads

Tarren Colwell

Business Owner
At the Heads - Barwon Heads, The Dunes - Ocean Grove, Victoria

I cannot underestimate the impact Eldred has had on me as an owner, our day to day business operation and the skills of our greater team through their training services.

Eldred have relevant, logical and systematic course content delivered by engaging and knowledgable trainers, while their consultancy business ensures they stay at the forefront of industry trends and challenges facing real world businesses.

Regardless of scale or market level, I would recommend anyone in hospitality looking to review and improve any part of their business to Eldred Hospitality.

Tarren Colwell

Owner, Seachange Hospitality

Sally Gebert - Botanical Hotel

Sally Gebert

Business Owner
Botanical Hotel - Bendigo, Victoria

What can I say but a huge THANK YOU!

I sent our 2 managers to the first training with Eldred and by the end of day one they were already blown away. I had 3 people in attendance at the second training with the same result. Once our people returned to work the results were amazing but very different.

What I have noticed is our mangers now have a different level of ownership over their roles and also in how they deal with team members. The course gave them structure, confidence and accountability not only for themselves but their team also. It has helped them learn to manage, not by being doers but by coaching those around them.

The food costing course was hugely impactful for our business. We are in the process of renegotiating with our suppliers, re-costing and redesigning menus and implementing new procedures.

I cannot thank Bendigo Tourism enough for bring these courses to Bendigo, it has and will have a huge impact on our businesses (and our bottom line). The cost would be prohibitive to send our team to Melbourne as it would be extra time out of the business as well as accommodation and travel costs.

Being able to access such a high level of education for our team locally is amazing. We will continue to support such education for our team as it provides them with confidence and helps their career progression. This type of training in Bendigo is also good for our tourism industry as visitors to our region expect a high level of service and if we provide this we will continue to grow as a region.

Thank you again for such great training and motivation for our team.


Sally Gebert

Owner, Botanical Hotel, Bendigo

Anthony Brown - West Coast Wilderness Railway

Anthony Brown

General Manager

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West Coast Wilderness Railway - Tasmania

I have had the pleasure of knowing and using the services of Tony Eldred and Eldred Hospitality for my entire career within hospitality & tourism, which spans over 30 years.

Tony has been instrumental in providing training for me and various key staff teams over the years. As a result of Tony’s practical, real life experience; as distinct from text book, lecture theatre training, not only have I learnt a great deal that I have been able to use in my businesses over the years, but I have seen my staff grow in their knowledge, skills, ability and confidence, that has taken them to the next level.

This has delivered an increase in operational performance and efficiencies, making my life easier, allowing me more time to manage the business into the future rather than get bogged down in the day to day operational issues.

I use to have the belief that training was an area we could cut to save money. I thought I could just employee skilled knowledgeable staff. Unfortunately, there is a lack of people who have the skills and knowledge needed to take my business to where it needs to be — which is to be recognised as the best in our field.  I do have people who possess passion and attitude, something not easily found.

Tom O’Toole from the Beechworth Bakery has a saying that I will never forget and use regularly, “It is better to train them and have them leave, rather than not train them and have them stay”.

Managing a top tourist attraction on the beautiful West Coast Tasmania, I am practicing what I preach and we are investing in our team and sending our senior and middle management to Melbourne over our quiet season, which is more expensive than the training itself in order for them to attend the training offered by Eldred Hospitality, and it is paying dividends.

While there are many people that say they are trainers, I have seen too many that I would not put the trust of my largest asset in the hands of. Eldred Hospitality is the best I have found and the beauty is it’s not just Tony, it’s his team that I cannot recommend more highly.

Anthony Brown

General Manager

West Coast Wilderness Railway     

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