How to market and sell more Functions, Events & Weddings

2 days — $1095



  •   Significantly improved Event Sales and Profitability
  •   Convert more event enquiries into bookings
  •   Make more sales in quiet times and your “Off Peak” season
  •   Get more high margin and higher price sales
  •   Sell more extra and add on’s with every function
  •   Get better results from deal making, purchasing and negotiating


  • How to increase your energy, enthusiasm and effectiveness to boost sales
  • How to grow your sales and profits all year round
  • The techniques of Head, Heart and Hand selling
  • The TOP 40 sales improvement ideas to rapidly grow your sales
  • Mapping and improving your function sales process
  • Secrets of “offpeak” or seasonal selling – how to sell more in quiet and tough times
  • Developing an ideal client Marketing plan – contact and communication calendar
  • Building relationships and rapid rapport
  • Turning Features into benefits – How to sell more by selling Reasons Why
  • How to easily outsell and beat your competitors
  • Understanding different types of buyers and using DISC profiling
  • How to sell to different types of buyers using DISC
  • Most effective sales questions – Million Dollar Question
  • Sizzling Sales Scripts – Best phrases to make more sales
  • How to effectively Monitor and improve prospect conversion rates
  • Best questions to ask to easily get the prospect contact details
  • How to collect more prospect data – phone, email and mobile
  • Tips and techniques for better connecting and building your networking
  • How to build alliances in your local area and get more leads & referrals
  • Get more referrals and repeat business
  • Selling to the 6 different types of enquiry
  • Turn your database into dollars
  • Selling by email – how to turn your email enquiries into sales
  • Develop your own tailored customised phone script – ready to use
  • Phone role plays and coaching skills
  • Tips and tricks for landing prospects by email
  • Upselling and Add-on’s for functions and events
  • How to increase your average function $ spend
  • Selling extras and combo’s for functions and events
  • Tips for better deal making and negotiations
  • Pricing Techniques for profit and avoiding discounting
  • Prospecting Activity reporting and
  • Implementing change in the workplace
  • Developing a Game plan for success

This is a highly practical and tactical workshop designed to impart the event sales skills designed to make a significant and instant improvement to your prospect conversion and sales results.

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