Opening your business


2 Days – $1095

This course is designed for those who are intending to open their own business in the hospitality industry.  Opening Your Business is a course that addresses the start-up phase of a business. It covers topics that will help you as an owner to plan, prepare and understand your business before starting, giving it the best chance of succeeding.

This course challenges the participants thinking, and provides a better understanding about why it is so important to be prepared by pre-planning to protect the future of your business. It is designed to provide skills that will help you identify and avoid known pit falls such as going over budget or targeting the wrong customer.

The course provides tools on how to establish a need, identify a target market, research the competition, and create a concept.  You will learn how to implement a pre-opening marketing strategy, prepare budgets and plan financials and manage compliance.  It will show you how to keep track of spending and the importance of knowing your costs.

Opening your business — content summary

  • Business planning
  • What is your concept
  • Market research
  • Business structures
  • Compliance in your business
  • Finance in your business
  • Marketing
  • Culture and Communication
  • Risk Management

Trainer: Gina Ezard