Grow Your Functions, Events & Weddings Revenue

  • August 26, 2019 - August 27, 2019
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Duration: 2 Days
Trainer: Dave Staughton & Kevin Kosky
Course Fee: $1095.00 ($AUD, includes GST)

Aimed at anyone involved in event sales, this highly practical and tactical workshop is designed to impart the event sales skills needed to make significant and instant improvements to your prospect conversion and sales results.

Outcomes you can expect from this 2 day workshop

  • Significantly improved Event Sales and Profitability
  • Convert more event enquiries into bookings
  • Make more sales in quiet times and your “Off Peak” season
  • Get more high margin and higher price sales
  • Sell more extra and add on’s with every function
  • Get better results from deal making, purchasing and negotiating

What you will learn

  • How to increase your energy, enthusiasm and effectiveness to boost sales
  • How to grow your sales and profits all year round
  • The techniques of Head, Heart and Hand selling
  • The TOP 40 sales improvement ideas to rapidly grow your sales
  • Mapping and improving your function sales process
  • Secrets of “offpeak” or seasonal selling – how to sell more in quiet and tough times
  • Developing an ideal client Marketing plan – contact and communication calendar
  • Building relationships and rapid rapport
  • Turning Features into benefits – How to sell more by selling Reasons Why
  • How to easily outsell and beat your competitors
  • Understanding different types of buyers and using DISC profiling
  • How to sell to different types of buyers using DISC
  • Most effective sales questions – Million Dollar Question
  • Sizzling Sales Scripts – Best phrases to make more sales
  • How to effectively Monitor and improve prospect conversion rates
  • Best questions to ask to easily get the prospect contact details
  • How to collect more prospect data – phone, email and mobile
  • Tips and techniques for better connecting and building your networking
  • How to build alliances in your local area and get more leads & referrals
  • Get more referrals and repeat business
  • Selling to the 6 different types of enquiry
  • Turn your database into dollars
  • Selling by email – how to turn your email enquiries into sales
  • Develop your own tailored customised phone script – ready to use
  • Phone role plays and coaching skills
  • Tips and tricks for landing prospects by email
  • Upselling and Add-on’s for functions and events
  • How to increase your average function $ spend
  • Selling extras and combo’s for functions and events
  • Tips for better deal making and negotiations
  • Pricing Techniques for profit and avoiding discounting
  • Prospecting Activity reporting and
  • Implementing change in the workplace
  • Developing a Game plan for success