In-house training workshops for key hospitality staff

About our onsite training


We can conduct training workshops anywhere in our region, including onsite in your business . . .

Our company has been built around high quality short course training for the hospitality industry. Our trainers are highly skilled and continually update their business and management skills by working with a wide variety of hospitality businesses. We are a private company and so are the greater majority of our clients, because of this we understand the pressures of commercial reality.

We prefer to train relatively small groups of people – between 10 and 16 is an ideal group size. This gives us the ability to devote individual attention to people who may need extra assistance, and allows us the opportunity for controlled discussion and debate.

The participants in an onsite training course can all be from the one job classification, or they may come from several different levels within your business — it is common to have owners, managers, supervisors and senior staff all in the one class. There is an advantage to training this way — it fosters communication and teamwork within your business.

From experience with many training situations, we’ve found that onsite workshop leadership training works best if you tell us what you want to achieve, rather than what you want us to teach. Our combined expertise as both hospitality consultants and management trainers gives us an unusual insight into what works and what doesn’t. We know that training may not be the solution you are looking for, and we can often direct you to a more effective result if we possess the ‘big picture’. Given the choice, we prefer to work long term with business owners, managers and their staff, helping them to meet their goals and develop particular people, rather than just fulfilling the role of ‘casual trainers’, as we have found that casual training without appropriate follow-up is ineffective.

The latest technology plays a big part in the presentation of our restaurant management and hotel management courses. This equipment is quite portable; we can go anywhere. We can carry everything we need for a professional presentation with us on a plane or by other common transport. It doesn’t matter where you are — as long as you’ve got power, we can provide an impressive standard of workplace leadership training, onsite in your business.

Facilities required for workplace training

If you would like us to come to you and train your staff, we will need the following facilities:

If you do not have a suitable room, they are available for hire in most hotels and motels for a modest fee or for a contra arrangement.

We will supply all the rest of the equipment, including a multimedia projector, colour laptop computer (to drive the projector), DVD player (if required), writing pads, pens and name cards.


In-house/onsite training vs public training


The major factor that will influence your decision to send your staff to our public hospitality and restaurant management courses, rather than organising in-house training will be your location. At present, we only conduct our public training courses in Melbourne – but we are more then willing to conduct them in other locations if the demand is sufficient. If you would like us to conduct them elsewhere, please contact us and tell us where and what your likely demand would be and we will provide you with a quote.

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Public training courses



Training enquiry


Fill in the following form or contact us on (03) 9813 3311 to discuss your needs. Service is as much a part of our business as it is yours.