Hospitality & Restaurant Management Workshops

For the owners, managers, chefs and supervisors in hospitality businesses.

For hospitality key staff from supervision up to restaurant management and ultimately business ownership, our hospitality management workshops are designed to suit all your development needs. Browse our courses below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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What short courses do we conduct?

  • The Hospitality Supervisor
    This is the latest evolution of our extremely popular supervision course. This course should be the first training course undertaken by you if you are looking to improve your professional skills, because it lays a solid foundation for all the other training courses we conduct. ... More information
  • Train-the-Trainer
    This training course is designed for anybody in a hospitality environment who has the responsibility for training new or existing staff, or the responsibility for overseeing subordinates who train staff. It shows you how to plan and conduct the three main types of training necessary for the smooth running of your hospitality business: induction (sometimes called orientation) training, skills training ... More information
  • Staff Recruitment & Selection
    This training course is designed to show you how to attract quality hospitality staff in a difficult job market and how to decrease your staff turnover. One of the main causes of staff turnover is poor recruiting — especially among part-timers and casuals. Stable, reliable, committed staff can be found if you know how and where to look. We consider ... More information
  • Improving Your Profits
    This course is for Owners/Managers of hospitality, food and beverage businesses who wish to improve their ability to generate profits, or who want to learn what to do if their profit and loss reports show problems in various areas. ... More information
  • The Professional Manager
    This course is designed for experienced Owners and Managers. It is an extension of the Hospitality Supervisor, and deals with group or team productivity, as distinct from individual productivity. ... More information
  • Food Cost Control for Chefs and Managers
    This course is for Head Chefs, Sous Chefs, Kitchen Managers, Food and Beverage Managers and Business Owners. It's one thing telling your Chef that your food costs are too high, but does he or she have the skills and knowledge to isolate where the specific causes of the cost blow-outs are? The course will give participants the skills to control ... More information
  • Grow Your Functions, Events & Wedding Revenue
    This special interactive seminar is designed for hospitality business Owners and Managers, Functions Managers and Function Salespeople. You’ll learn about the various factors that determine your Function Sales success and what you can do to maximize your results. The workshop covers strategies for Venue improvement, Strategic Selling and maximizing off-peak business. ... More information
  • Improving Your Customer Average Spend
    This course is designed for senior staff, trainers, supervisors and managers and is to show you how to increase your customer average spend. ... More information
  • Cutting Costs & Buying Better To Grow Your Bottom Line
    This course is designed to show hospitality professionals how to get better results form their purchasing or negotiating. ... More information
    Are you planning on opening a café or restaurant or have you just opened one? Did you know that hospitality businesses are opening and closing at a rapid rate? Many close within the first 12 months of opening. How do you “know” if you are going to make money in your business? This two-day workshop could help keep you in business long-term. It ... More information
  • Advanced Sales Skills For Function & Event Superstars
    This Two day workshop is all about developing and polishing your function and event sales skills. You will learn the secrets and tactics of Function & Event Superstars. Learn how to maintain your energy levels, develop your confidence and master your dealmaking techniques to help you land more function events at higher prices all year round. ... More information
  • The Hospitality Supervisor Refresher
    You’ve completed our Hospitality Supervisor 3-day course and now it’s time to refresh your leadership communication strategies. ... More information