How to Book a Training Course

While booking a course don’t use your browsers back button, use the buttons inside the registration page.

Step 1. Navigating to the course list

From any page on the Eldtrain website use the navigation at the top of the page to select your preferred method of viewing the courses. You can view them by subject or by date.


Step 2. Add a course (or courses) to your shopping cart

From either the “Courses listed by subject” or “Courses listed by date” pages. Click “add to cart”.
You can add multiple courses to the cart.



Step 3. View the cart

When you are finished adding courses to your shopping cart press the “View Cart” button.


Step 4. Start event registration

This is where we start entering the details for the training courses. You can remove courses by pressing the remove button, and select the number of attendees.


Step 5. Enter the number of attendees for the course(s)

Select the number of attendees.

If you have a retainer code, follow these instructions instead.

Then press the “Enter Attendee Information” button.


Step 6. Complete the form details

Complete the form and press “confirm and go to payment page” button.
The “personal information” is for the attendee, we encourage the booker to user their own email address to totally manage attendees and assure they have all the information they need.
The “business details” are the bookers details.
Want to see the course details? Click on the “show course details” button. Click on the “hide course details” button to hide it again.


Step 7. Payment Overview

When you have completed the registration process you will be presented with two payment options.

  1. Pay using PayPal or Credit Card select PayPal if you would like
  2. Select Download PDF Invoice to download an invoice to pay later

Once you have selected your payment option you will receive an email confirmation of your course booking to the email address you used for the attendee.

The email will contain all of the event details, including date for the event(s) registered for, our address, parking in the area and so on.