Improving customer average spend

Sales training for hospitality

How to get customers to buy more while they’re in your venue.

This sales training course is designed for senior staff, trainers, supervisors, managers and business owners, and has been carefully designed to show you how to increase the amount of money people spend while they are present in your business.

Increasing your average spend is the most effective way to increase your profits because add-on sales come without a proportional labour cost and most of the money goes to your bottom line.

Consider how much money is leaving through your exit doors intact in wallets and purses, which would have been left with you had someone presented the right products or services? Many hospitality businesses have a healthy customer base but do not effectively sell to them while they are there.

This sales training course will show you and your staff that there are numerous opportunities to encourage your customers to spend more, from the moment they arrive in your venue until the moment they leave.

Over two days, the course includes practical training exercises and challenges that you can use with your own staff, your own menus and product lists long after attending this workshop.

You’ll not only learn the skills of human, face to face selling, you’ll also learn about the other powerful methods of enticing customers to buy your products including visual merchandising, product displays and menu design.

Many attendees walk into this course asking, ‘What is upselling?’, and then walk out full of confidence knowing how to upsell as a server.

Key outcomes from this sales training course:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • More repeat customers
  • Increased venue profits
  • Improved staff engagement and satisfaction
  • Better quality sales training of your staff
  • Sell more high margin items
  • Sell more premium items
  • Improved menu design and layout
  • Reduced wage costs
  • Understand why some staff won’t sell and how to deal with it
  • Become a more confident sales person
  • Empower your staff to sell more

Improving Customer Average Spend — sales training content summary:

  • The need to increase income
  • Your selling tools (The 5 P’s): products, props, people, procedure, performance
  • Effective visual merchandising, menu layout and menu design
  • The 5 step selling procedure – how to increase sales face to face
  • The use of effective sales phrases and why they work
  • Benefits of upselling
  • Sales tracking and control
  • Training staff how to sell
  • Motivating staff to sell more
  • Sales games and competitions
  • A sales and service health check for your business

2 Days – $1195 (inc. GST)


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