Improving Profit

How to bring in more money, spend less and control your costs.


This course is for Owners/Managers of hospitality, food and beverage businesses who wish to improve their ability to generate and control profitability, or who want to learn what options they have to address specific problems in cost areas of their business.

Perhaps your business is turning over a great deal of money but not making much profit, or perhaps you would like to make more? We can help you restore or increase your profitability by breaking down the financial control and management of your business into logical, easy to apply steps. This course is structured in simple language, using concepts that anybody can understand — no experience with bookkeeping or accounting is necessary.

The process of increasing your profitability can be stated simply – bring more money in and spend less. The purpose of this course is to show busy people the various options they have to do this.

Participants will have ample opportunity to discuss their individual businesses during the course. This training will pay for itself very quickly.

Improving Your Profits — content summary:

2 Days – $1095 (inc. GST)