Information for country and interstate people

First of all — hello and welcome!

We get people from all over the place attending our training courses. A typical course would have at least 30% of the participants from either country or interstate, so you won’t feel alone or left out if you come.

We know that hospitality, foodservice and tourism businesses are spread all over the place — not just in our cities — so we’ve constructed our training courses with this in mind. We also know that many businesses in this industry are quite small and do not employ many staff, so it can be difficult and expensive for some to take time out to attend training of any sort. We know we have to make it very worth while or you won’t come, or you won’t send your own staff.

We pack a lot into two or three days — as much as we can, bearing in mind the limitations of human absorption of information. We make use of the latest presentation technology to help you take it all in and a number of our courses feature days of practical exercises to further help you learn. All our courses come with detailed handout notes (not for separate sale), so you can return to your business and continue to learn for some time after the training itself is finished.

Help us to help you — call our office on (03) 9813 3311 and tell us about your business and what you are trying to achieve and we’ll recommend the right courses for you or your staff. We know our own training courses and we know hospitality businesses.

While you’re visiting in Melbourne, our staff would be glad to advise you on the best places to go and look at so you can see what the current trends and fashions are. We work with most of the top end of the hospitality industry, so we are well placed to know what’s going on — and if we don’t know, we can find out for you.

Our staff can also help you make arrangements for comfortable accommodation to suit any budget, from five star to backpackers. You might as well be comfortable while you’re here. If you are sending young staff for training, we can also watch over them and make sure they have a good time but don’t abuse the privilege of travel and training.

We hope to hear from you soon!