Need key staff?

In these challenging times, you need managers who can manage, chefs who can control costs as well as cook and supervisors who can control staff productivity.  Identifying staff who are capable of doing this requires a high level of recruitment skill.

A poorly chosen manager, chef or other key staff member could cost you a fortune and destabilise your business.

Proper recruitment is a time consuming process, which often involves many detailed interviews and thorough reference checks. If you don’t have the time or the experience to do this properly, you are unlikely to sort the pretenders from the superstars. We recruit at this level constantly, and offer a guarantee on placements.

As part of our service we provide our clients with complete transcripts of all reference checks, together with detailed interview notes.



If you need skilled key staff, we know how to find them and more importantly, how to effectively assess their skills and knowledge. Our networks extend Australia wide and we know and understand the special requirements of this industry.

Save yourself time, money and stress, contact us now to discuss your needs.

Recruitment and selection training and support

We can help you with the complete key staff recruitment process or provide cost effective support in specific areas of senior recruitment such as recruitment training, mentoring and documentation.

Anyone in a staff leadership role should be held accountable for managing the performance of their own team. When discussing poor team performance with team leaders, one excuse that is often presented is “I didn’t hire them…”, this can be easily mitigated by ensuring that anyone responsible for leading teams should also be responsible for selecting them. We can train you and your key staff in effective recruitment and selection.

There are limits to what classroom training can achieve in providing recruitment skills so we are often called upon by our clients to act as mentors on a one-on-one basis to coach managers and supervisors in professional recruitment techniques following their attendance in our course. 

If you recognise that people are the essence of your business and you want to find the best, there is no substitute for ‘hands-on’ experience under the guidance of a skilled recruitment and selection specialist.


Aside from training and mentoring we can provide consultancy services and document templates such as:

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