Need Key Staff?

You may not have to recruit senior staff for your business very often, and may not have gained the skills necessary to interview and assess people on this level. A poor Manager, Chef or other key staff member could cost you a fortune and destabilise your business. Because senior jobs often carry substantial salary packages there are many ‘con artists’ in the job market who are attempting to talk their way into a substantial pay rise but who do not have the necessary skills or knowledge to match. We recruit at this level constantly, and offer a guarantee on placements.

The outlay for professional assistance on this level will prove an investment with impressive returns.

Recruitment Services

If you need skilled key staff, we know how to find them — even in this difficult job market.

Save yourself time and money.


If you want managers who can manage, chefs who can control costs as well as cook, supervisors who can control staff productivity or any other skilled key staff position filled, we can find the person who is right for the job for you. Our networks extend Australia wide and we know and understand the special requirements of this industry.

Proper recruitment is a time consuming process, which often involves many detailed interviews and thorough reference checking, and you may not have the time to do this properly, or you may not have the experience to tell the pretenders from the performers. We pride ourselves on doing a thorough, professional job for our clients. Don’t think of using a skilled recruiter as a cost — consider the effect of a 10 or 20% better skilled manager or Chef on your business and your bottom line?

As part of our service we provide our clients with complete transcripts of all reference checks, together with interview notes. All Eldred Hospitality placements carry a  guarantee.

Recruiting for new projects

If you need staff for your new hospitality project, we can help you in several ways, by putting together a team of our staff to:

  1. Handle the recruitment and selection part of your project for you;
  2. Train and oversee your own staff through the process.

We are often called upon by our clients to act as mentors on a one-on-one basis to coach managers and supervisors in professional recruitment techniques. There are limits to what classroom training can achieve in providing recruitment skills. If you recognise that people are the essence of your business and you want to find the best, there is no substitute for ‘hands-on’ experience under the guidance of a skilled recruitment and selection specialist.

We are also able to provide support for other areas of the recruitment process:

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