A problem I have had is that you may speak to a journalist for over half an hour, explaining the finer points of the industry, only to find yourself quoted in two small paragraphs, totally out of context. This can give you the appearance of saying something quite different from what you intended, especially if the lead-in to your comment is on a different subject to the one you were commenting about. I have cringed at the way some of my comments have been used to support some angle of hidden agenda that you were entirely unaware of at the time of the interview.

I have taken to asking journalists to send me any quotes they intend to publish, so I can check them before they are made public. Most are happy to comply, provided you make this clear at the start of the interview.

Ultimately, we need them and they need us, and if you take the right attitude and persist, a beneficial win/win can be forged over time.