David Staughton is a scientist, author and award-winning businessman who makes doing business easier. A walking library of business case studies, funny quotes and real life experiences, he inspires people with his passion, energy and enthusiasm.


David has over 25 years experience in a broad range of industries including mining, retailing, hospitality, travel & tourism and consulting. He’s been passionate about small business since starting work in the family-owned hardware store at age six.

David is a qualified geologist and worked for five of Australia’s largest mining companies. He left to start his own hospitality business and ‘became a Millionaire by age 30’. In 15 years he grew a multi-business empire in Victoria.

In 2001 he successfully sold his operations and has since been helping businesses get results.  He has shown owners and managers how to energise their staff, find more customers and significantly increase their sales & profits all year round.


David’s notable achievements include:


David has worked with hundreds of CEO’s, management teams, business owners and front line sales teams in a wide range of industries. He specialises in hospitality and tourism.

Professional Associations

As an active member of several organisations, David holds the following post nominals:
AFAIM – Australian Institute of Management
CCEO – CEO Institute of Australia
MIMC – Institute of Management Consultants
NSAA – National Speakers Association of Australia

Based in Melbourne, David’s expertise is highly sought-after he works extensively throughout Australia, across Asia and the Pacific.