Mathura Rajanayagam

Office Manager

Mathura was born and spent the earlier years of her childhood in Sri Lanka, she was eight when she migrated to Australia with her family. She completed her education at South Oakleigh College and at Swinburne University.

Her Passion for food began in the early stages of her life and grew when she started working at “Palm Court” – a multi-cultural food court in Blackburn, to fund her way through University. She had worked up to a supervisor level and remained working there for over 4 years.

Once she was out of University, she successfully gained employment at The School For Excellence as their Program Co-ordinator. Her duties at The School For Excellence involved payroll, organise on-going weekly classes, managed staff, managed accounts and managed their print production – she truly enjoyed her work in the education sector.

Currently at Eldred Hospitality, Mathura is merging her desire for food and education into one profession.