Nick Tsaknis

Field Consultant

Nick has been in the hospitality industry since the age of 15. He started out as pizza/coffee maker in a busy café at his local shopping center. Working weekends during school and then fulltime at the completion of his V.C.E, he developed a passion for the industry.

Wanting more responsibility he moved to Gloria Jeans coffees as store manager when their Essendon store opened. Here he got a taste of management and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After a little over 2 years, he wanted more experience in the industry and felt that he needed to be exposed to a larger business to gain more knowledge and be able to progress his career.

He moved to Stalactites Restaurant in the city as a front of house supervisor. The owners quickly saw his abilities and work ethic, and moved him into the position of F.O.H manager.

He spent just under 5 years at what is, one of Melbourne’s busiest and most iconic restaurants. Seeking a change he then moved to The Pancake Parlour. Hired as the restaurant manager at their Ringwood location, it didn’t take long for Nick to prove himself and he was transferred to their flagship restaurant in Doncaster.

Nick spent a total of 4 years with the Pancake Parlour before deciding that it was time for him to have a slight change in career path.

Working with Eldred Hospitality means that Nick can stay in the industry he loves, and pass on his 16 years of hospitality experience to supervisors and managers in multiple businesses and locations. Nick loves playing soccer, supporting his favorite team Richmond and spending time with his friends and family.