The Hospitality Supervisor (Refresher course)

How to improve performance and maintain positive relationships with your team.


For attendees to fully benefit from this refresher course, only those who have completed the 3 day ‘The Hospitality Supervisor’ course within the past 4 years are invited to attend.

You’ve completed our Hospitality Supervisor 3-day course and now it’s time to refresh your leadership communication strategies.

Because we know you’re busy, we’ve evolved a 1-day Hospitality Supervisor refresher workshop.

Spend the day reviewing the key leadership communication tools covered in our 3-day Hospitality Supervisor course. Self-assess what you’re doing well, and what you need to improve on, plus some carefully chosen extra material to expand your skills and thinking.

Remember, your staff take their cues from you.

The more accurate and disciplined your own communication, the easier it is for your staff to perform at the level you require.

We recommend this refresher for all Managers, Chefs and Supervisors 18 months to 2 years after you’re completed the full 3-day course.

What are you waiting for?

1 Day – $695 (inc. GST)

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