The Hospitality Supervisor

The art of leadership – how to improve performance and maintain positive relationships with your team.

This is the latest evolution of our extremely popular and highly effective leadership and supervision course. This course should be the first training course undertaken by you if you are looking to improve your professional skills, because it lays a solid foundation for all the other training courses we conduct.

The Hospitality Supervisor Course is designed for hospitality leaders no matter how senior they are. It is not a course specifically for supervisors, it is a course in the art of leadership. It is designed to teach you how to get what you want, when you want it, to the standard you want from the people around you — without conflict, resentment or argument.

Some people find the role of leader quite difficult and have problems either in their relationships with staff or in getting things done. Others just want to increase the quality and productivity delivered by their team.

This course will teach you how to handle other people in a positive and productive manner, while maintaining morale and motivation in your team. It is designed to provide skills that otherwise would have to be learnt over a long time by a costly process of trial and error.

The Hospitality Supervisor — Content summary:

3 Days – $1,450 (inc. GST)

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