Train the Trainer

How to deliver training that gets results.

This training workshop is designed for anybody in a hospitality environment who has the responsibility for training new or existing staff, or the responsibility for overseeing subordinates who train staff. It shows you how to plan and conduct the three main types of training necessary for the smooth running of your hospitality business: induction and orientation training, technical skills training and behavioral skills training.

In the absence of these three simple forms of training your business will probably suffer inconsistent delivery of products and services, low profitability and high staff turnover. There is a direct link between the quality of your internal training and the overall success and growth of your business — most of the larger hospitality operators spend between 3 – 5% of their revenue on staff training because they understand it is both necessary to maintain standards and an investment with an impressive return.

During this course you will discover how people learn and assimilate new skills, and how to plan your training by breaking down a job into a sequence of tasks and behaviors that can be taught in bite-sized, easily absorbed chunks. As a by-product of our training technique you will also learn a how to lead your staff to revise obsolete or inefficient procedures and look for better ways to do things in a controlled and coordinated manner.

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2 Days – $1195 (inc. GST)

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