Update your password and user profile

Update your password

When you create a new user you are allocated a password. You can change it to whatever you like.

Here’s how

  1. Make sure you are logged out of the Eldtrain website, use this link if you are unsure www.eldtrain.com.au/wp-login.php?action=logout
  2. Go to the login screen: www.eldtrain.com.au/wp-login.php
  3. Click on the Lost your password? link
  4. Enter the Eldtrain username or the email address you used when you registered and press Get New Password
  5. You will receive an email with a link to reset the password, click on the link
  6. Enter the new password and confirm new password then press Reset Password
  7. Login using the new password

Update your user profile – save user information to streamline bookings

You may want to edit your profile to update your Events Profile Information that pre-fill the course booking forms for you.

Here’s how

  1. Go to the login screen: www.eldtrain.com.au/wp-login.php
  2. Log in to Eldtrain
  3. Click here to go directly to your profile: www.eldtrain.com.au/wp-admin/profile.php
  4. You are ready to edit your details
  5. Once you have completed the changes scroll to the bottom of the page and press Update Profile

You may notice you can also modify your password here as an alternative to doing it through the login screen.

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